Medical Billing Solutions works hard to increase your cash flow, decrease your overhead and relieve your stress of dealing with insurance companies.

We will decrease insurance denials by submitting clean claims which produce faster reimbursement and increased revenue.

Our staff calls and follows up on all denials. You no longer pay for postage, envelopes, electronic claim submissions and phone calls. Your staff has more time to schedule patients, increase patient volume and work positively with patients. We supply you with easy faxable forms and minimal in-office work to ensure a competent person handles all of the duties to ensure all insurance claims are submitted and paid accordingly.

We work as a team with our clients. By looking at office billing patterns we offer suggestions to the doctors and staff on how to increase revenue and be more profitable.

  • Stop paying employees unnecessary wages, taxes, and benefits
  • Pay one monthly fee
  • Stop training staff on billing
  • Let staff focus on scheduling
  • Increase office productivity
  • Let staff focus on recall
  • Stop negativity of insurance
  • Stop paying for postage, envelopes, and electronic claim submissions

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